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Maintenance Free

Expert Free Installation

What Happens Next?

CALL US TODAY 08000 112234

Step 1: Your Needs

What are your requirements? All of our products have adaptable features and styles to suit you individually.

Step 2: The Survey

What we need to know?
How big? What colour? How many? How will it work?
In order for us to give an accurate quotation we need to send a trained surveyor to carefully measure-up and evaluate what work needs to be done to carry out the perfect installation.

Step 3: The Quotation

Once the survey has been completed, we will be in a position to agree a fixed price quotation, and with your approval, complete the purchase order form.

Step 4: The Installation

Our specialist installation team will make the installation in one day, and to the highest standards of workmanship.

You will enjoy many years of a maintenance free service from all of our products, only needing to contact us if you choose to make further purchases from our range!

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