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Why tidy installations start well before Crocodile arrive



18th Jun 2021

Why tidy installations start well before Crocodile arrive

At Crocodile we’re renowned for leaving customers’ homes cleaner than we found them. 

Yes, this is part of a winning policy we have to ‘WOW’ our customers when we hand over a job. 

That little extra goes a very long way. 

But our desire to be clean and tidy during and after our installations starts far earlier than the site and it goes far further than simply good practice and courtesy. 

Let’s take a look at how we keep site waste to a minimum. 


Starting with supply

We source quality parts from trusted suppliers in the UK and Europe. To reduce our impact through packaging, we’ve come to agreements with suppliers to reduce the packaging they send to us. A rethink here. A redesign there. It all makes for a cleaner, greener supply chain.

Rethinking our methods

We’ve taken a look at the way we handle and store parts. In times gone by we’ve been more wasteful than we’ve needed to be storing and moving goods. Today, we count packaging like we count pennies and we’ve forced ourselves to be more economical with vital natural resources.

Meeting ISO 14001

We’ve set out our environmental policy. We’ve created an organisational chart and written job descriptions to understand and refine our processes. We’ve offered resources, documentation and people with the aim of reducing waste, costs and environmental impacts. 

Redesigning our vans

No more carrying boxes and boxes around the country using extra fuel and creating more mess. Our fleet of IVECO Daily Vans are eco-friendly and custom-designed to carry and protect low-packaging doors with reusable poly slippers. Inventive, exclusive and good for our Earth. 

Recycling our leftovers

We keep waste to a minimum by doing everything we can to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover. All of our waste is continually monitored, evaluated and tracked. We use registered waste carriers and we get a waste transfer note for all waste that leaves our factory.

At Crocodile, we’re doing our bit to support a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow for all. By being careful, we’ve found we save time, energy, effort and money. Not only that, we leave a beautifully clean and tidy installation when we hand over verandas, wintergardens, covers and stowaway shutters to you. 

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