Operated from within the comfort and safety of your home

When Crocodile Homecare Shutters are closed they form an insulated air cushion. This can improve your thermal insulation by around 45% saving on fuel bills and reduce outside noise by up to 10 decibels.

Operate from anywhere in the world with our smartphone app


For your peace of mind energy, privacy, shade, noise reduction and weather protection.

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Expert Free Installation

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Product Guarantees

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As seen on TV

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Finance Options Available

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Made to Measure

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Safe & Secure


They fit discreetly to any property and are available in a wide range of colours.

  • Peace of mind
  • Make It Yours
  • Easy to Use
  • Ultimate Projection

With quality engineering, unprecedented personal service you can trust Crocodile to keep your home safe.

Select from a wide range of colours all custom-fit to suit you and your home.

Connect to your home with our easy to use remote access app by

controlling your shutters from your smartphone.

Complete protection from strong sunlight and prying eyes as well as excellent sound and heat insulation.

Philip Turnbull loves a good family holiday and parks his campervan in his drive at home. He wanted an awning that he could pull out to protect his pride and joy. He spoke to some of our competitors but found Crocodile were the most keen and willing to listen.

Philip opted for an awning to tie in with other Crocodile products at his home. He also has a Crocodile veranda and some stowaway shutters. ‘My outdoor space is now far more usable and useful. Everything was painless and the whole thing was installed really quickly,’ said Philip.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out more about Crocodile security shutters?

Ring our friendly team free on 0800 011 2234. We’ll send a local Crocodile expert to answer any questions. Flick through the different styles and colours and discuss what can be achieved. Get a turnkey cost for exactly what you want and there’s absolutely no obligation.

Who manufactures Crocodile homecare products?

Expect the very best design, parts, materials and manufacturing from our huge factory in the north of England. All Crocodile products come with a lengthy warranty that protects parts, workmanship and installation. We stand by our quality and we build to last.

What is the Crocodile homecare installation process like?

We have a great reputation for being swift, accurate, friendly and best of all very clean and tidy. Your Crocodile expert will estimate the time for the installation once you’ve briefed them on what you want. Every home is different and the materials you choose will affect the lead time.

How do I take the next step and move things forward?

It’s really very simple indeed. Call Crocodile free on 0800 011 2234. If it’s simpler, email us at We’ll get back in touch as soon as we can and we aim to provide a smooth and painless process from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are there warranties and finance options for Crocodile homecare products?

All of our products are built with durability and longevity in mind. We supply a warranty to cover design, manufacturing, labour and installation. We also offer a range of simple options that allow you to defer and spread your payments. Just ask your Crocodile expert for what you want.

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