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26th Apr 2021

Meet Ryan Barber

Ryan used to be out on the road installing Crocodile garage doors and shutters. 

In October 2020, Ryan accepted a promotion to manage orders and deliveries in this vital part of the Crocodile business.

We caught up with Ryan to ask him a few questions about what goes on behind the scenes at our 32,000 square foot factory. 


Ryan, thanks for your time. Tell us what you do.

Hello. I’m in charge of installations and service for garage doors. Basically, once a contract has been signed, my team is responsible for the full detailed survey, ordering the materials, the manufacture, the planning and the installation. I make cut sheets for the factory, which are basically all-encompassing nuts and bolts parts lists to meet the customer specification. I also itemise things like extra PVC or timber that we need to install tidily and snugly to the customer’s home.

Why did you choose to work with Crocodile?

I used to work for Somfy, one of Crocodile’s major suppliers, and I really know the people and the products. I’ve always been in the industry. Crocodile is a quality brand and I can really get behind it. I care what customers think and knowing that I’m sending a quality product out of the factory is good for job satisfaction.

Why do you think the Crocodile product is popular?

It’s robust. We tend to use a thicker profile of shutter slat. We also source quality components when it comes to control systems and motors. Obviously I take the role of specifying measurements and checking the quality of what goes out. Also, the installation engineers know what they’re doing and they’re very clean and tidy compared with other companies. In fact, the tidiness of the installation is a key selling point of our service. We really take care of our customers to leave their garages cleaner than we found them. 

Do you have a lot of work managing repairs after installation?

The warranty is with us. We want doors to work properly when we install them and keep working. So we specify for rigidity, performance and reliability. Once they’re in, they’re in.

What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced since you’ve been in the role at Crocodile?

Covid. For sure. For many businesses, the virus has sent them one way, but we’ve gone the other. More people are socialising at home. More people are enjoying their garden. Instead of a holiday, people are taking the opportunity to improve the look, feel, design and security of their homes. It means we are really busy. 

What’s next for Crocodile?

We’re bringing new people into the business at the moment as we grow. We’re always refining our processes to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. And we’re getting new vans too. I’ll have to make sure that I remind the boss about my pay rise.

Brilliant. Thanks for your time, Ryan. Enjoy the rest of your day.

You too. Have a good one.

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